GTechniq is a brand synonymous with premium protection. Renowned around the world for producing surface protection products that outlast other treatments, GTechniq coatings safeguard the treated surface for a period of up to 12 months per single application.

In short, Gtechniq is the award winning standard by which the world’s best dressed cars are judged. With Gtechniq coatings you not only get outstanding gloss and colour, you get smart surfaces that require cleaning less often and with less effort. GTechniq produce a wide range of products, many of which are featured on the shop page of our website. For more information, visit our online shop or get in touch today.

AutoQuest is the only detail shop in the interior that is GTECHNIQ ACCREDITED. To become accredited, we have met the rigid GTECHNIQ qualification standards.

AutoQuest fulfills all GTECHNIQ paint correction requirements, while being committed to top of the line quality products and exceptional service.

WARRANTY - In being an accredited detailer by GTECHNIQ, we are the only shop in the area to be able to provide the GTECHNIQ Warranty. The warranty covers 3 years on 2nd hand cars and 5 years on new cars.